Core values

Openness & Respect

The platform wants to characterize itself by being there for everyone who wants to be inspired in the field of sports and exercise. The idea is that everything is open to everyone and should be freely accessible with respect for the community and its members.

Quality & Expertise

The content (videos as well as the blogs/vlogs) that can be found on the platform will have to comply with a number of guidelines (see upload guidelines). With these guidelines, the platform aims to ensure that the quality of the content is high and that this increases the usability of the content. The 'board of experts' will also regularly post content.     

Sharing & Connection

By being united in a community, the whole will be more than the sum of its parts. Uploading content is done for each other at all levels, so that you can be inspired by others who also share.

Reliability & Independence

The platform wants to be reliable on several fronts: 1) because of the stability of the site; this by working with a reliable and professional ICT party and 2) because the platform and the developers are independent of sponsors who could determine the content. The platform is maintained by professionals and is content independent and set up by a team of sports scientists and practitioners.

Appreciation & Gratitude

Honour to honour' is of paramount importance to the Sportsinspirator. Valuation and visibility are given to the person who contributes to the community and this will be referred to at all times.