The creativity in sport becomes visible in times of crisis!

Exceptional times and extraordinary situations call for people's creativity. How do we provide education, how do we stay fit and active and how do we maintain contact with our loved ones and friends?
Society's call for less digital has disappeared behind a dark cloud of Corona - Covid-19. The digital world, forced by need, offers a solution for many in work, sports and social contact. While families live in social quarantine, 'locked up' in their homes and gardens, the online world provides connections. Remote education, digital consultations with doctors and social workers, and online sports and exercise activities abound. It is extraordinary to see that an international crisis and constraint leads to togetherness on the internet. Top volleyball players and judoka's inspire and challenge each other with an online challenge and you have various possibilities to follow online webinars, courses or sports lessons. 

Inspiration videos on social media

Many of us 'post' content on our own channels to inspire others, great how creative we are. It would only be a pitty if all this valuable content, inspiration and high quality knowledge disappeared into the timelines of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok. 

This inspiration must not be lost

Your inspiration is now and that inspiration must not be lost.
So upload your videos on sportsinspirator and share your creativity with the world. 
Of course mentioning your own name, social channel and possibly company name.

This platform is a 'social return' of sports professionals to society. The platform is free of charge for anyone who wants to get inspired in sports and exercise activities. Why? Because the team of professionals behind the Sports Inspirator believes that the only way to really change 'the world' a little bit is to share inspiration with each other. Your knowledge and experience is valuable to someone else, and so is the knowledge and experience an asset and inspiration to you. 

Share your content and initiatives, after all, you don't have to turn a social problem into a revenue model!
Do you participate? Do you inspire the whole world, instead of just your followers?

The (top) athletes below have preceded you:

Yannick van Harskamp (volleyball)

Lieke Klaver (athletics / track)

Juul Fransen (judo)

Our Sports Inspirators

Name: Juul Franssen
Sport: Judo
Date of Birth: 18 January 1990
Hometown: Heinenoord (born in Venlo)
Country: The Netherlands
Instagram: juulfranssen
Facebook: JuulFranssen90

Name: Lieke Klaver
Sport: Athletics / track
Date of Birth: 20 August 1998
Hometown: Enkhuizen (born in Velsen)
Country: The Netherlands
Instagram: liekeklaver

Name: Yannick van Harskamp
Sport: Volleybal
Date of Birth: 2 April 1986
Hometown: Nijmegen (born in Zwartsluis)
Country: The Netherlands
Facebook: yannick.vanharskamp