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  • Judo inspires other sports

    10-11-2020 /

    The forms of movement from judo lend themselves very well to making other athletes, including footballers and field hockey players, better, according to research. Where the soccer training does not provide, the judo training can be complementary. Judo can help children develop physical, mental and social skills

  • Juul is in control!

    18-10-2020 / Interview

    2020 should have been the ultimate award for Judoka Juul Franssen. In the year she turned 30, it had to and wouldhave happened at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. So it all went differently, but one thing is certain, if the Games take place in 2021, an experienced top judoka will go to Japan. One who is fully motivated after a conflict with the judo union and after corona. A conversation with butcher's daughter and Federer-fan Juul Franssen.

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