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Connect your existing Youtube video to the Sports Inspirator here.
If you later remove the video from Youtube, then it will no longer be shown at the Sports Inspirator.
If you miss certain tags or have other questions, please contact us via the contact button or mail


Upload guidelines

  • The video contains one inspiring activity (game, exercise) that is performed well.
  • The video is short and powerful.
  • The video is clear, stable and horizontally filmed.
  • The video has an matching title.
  • The video contains as little background noise as possible.
  • The video contains as little movement and background clutter as possible.
  • The video is labelled so that it includes the content of the activity.
  • Make sure your Youtube channel is public.
  • When you upload the video, you agree that the video complies with the privacy requirements and that you remain responsible for the content of the video.


  • If the video does not meet the guidelines it will not make it to the platform. If the given feedback is adjusted, the video will still be posted.
  • The personal data entered during the upload will be visible with the video.
  • All forms of discrimination that can be seen in a video or in response to a video will not be tolerated. The sequel is a blockage on the platform.


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