Mission & Vision


The platform aims to inspire and connect everyone involved in sport and physical activity by sharing information with each other. 


The vision behind the Sportsinspirator is that human movement is a universal 'language' that we all 'speak' and 'understand' worldwide. After all, movement is the basis of our daily actions. Even if we don't understand each other's language, we recognize a lot in someone else's movements. This also applies to sports; sports are very different, but the movement patterns within a sport are certainly 'recognizable' for other sports. So there is also a lot of overlap between sports, especially when looking at the tasks that need to be performed: walking, jumping, turning, reacting, throwing, pulling. The platform makes use of this mutual connection between sports, called transfers. For example, a training activity from judo, can be training inspiration for football. Furthermore, windsurfing has a connection with snowboarding and skiing (Ester Ledecká; Olympic gold snowboarding and skiing and high-level surfing). In addition, inspiration from other sports leads to a broad motor development for children or can lead to variety in training for adults. This broad development and/or variety in training activities offers many advantages over a one-sided training environment (Côté et al. 2007; Schöllhorn et al., 2009). After all, "only eating what you like is unhealthy in the long run and leads to aversion to this food". That's how it works with exercise! Only practicing a sport or activity leads to a high risk of; 1) injuries, 2) motivation problems to continue exercising, 3) social isolation if children exercise a lot and one-sidedly 4) a less long-lived active and 5, it increases the creativity in finding a solution to exercise challenges (Malina, 2010; Bergeron et al. 2015; Memmert, 2011).

The platform is free for anyone who wants to be inspired by sports and exercise activities. Why? Because the Sportsinspirator community believes that the only way to really change 'the world' a little bit is to share inspiration with each other. Your knowledge and experience is valuable to someone else, and so is the knowledge and experience of someone else perhaps inspiration to you. The platform is set up as a community. Anyone can upload a video with inspiration. For the Sportsinspirator community it is possible to upload videos (check and approve moderators), assess on quality and provide a USER-ID, this makes findability and building a personal Sportsinspiration CV possible. Inspiration can also be found from various professionals (scientists and coaches/trainers) who are able to connect theory and practice on the basis of their experience, so that you can be inspired by them. It is also possible for the community to request its own landing page or sub-site on the platform; its own content, its own labels, its own look & feel for a specific target group in order to promote specific findability. However, and herein lies the vision of the world's largest language', the videos of the own unique landing pages can be found directly by the entire community! In short, you can place and search content on specific and generic labels. In this way everyone can learn from each other and get inspired by each other!